The following is the script which Rob Cotton used when talking to the 9.15am and 10.45am congregations at KMC on March 12th 2017.



TEXT: ‘Where there is no Vision, the people perish’ - Proverbs 29: 18

Did you know that we hire out our hall and community rooms?

Do you belong to one of our house groups? If not, please read on and find out more about them.


We have fifteen house groups. That tells you that a high proportion of people at KMC actually belong to a house group. So what's the big attraction? Basically house groups are about caring for one another, having fun together and growing spiritually, which can sometimes happen all at the same time.


The UK church has just been through the Easter Christian Convention season and, this year, we enjoyed a great time at Spring Harvest, Minehead.

Spring Harvest offers a choice of three time slots and two venues, Butlins at Minehead and Skegness.

Now if the image you have of Butlins is ‘Hi di Hi’ and ‘cheap and cheerful’ chalets, fear not. Things have greatly improved and while there is basic accommodation available the range also extends to some really smart apartments and lodges.


For 5 days, Eve James, Brian Lee and Liz Howden ate nothing but beans and rice, and drank nothing but water. This strange diet was not because they were marooned together on an island with a hamper of red kidney beans and a small gurgling spring. We chose to do this for a few days in order to stand with those in the world whose diet is minimal and limited because of poverty or food shortages brought on by climate change, conflict or just accident of birth.



Big Church Day Out - North

Big Church Day Out - over 2 days at Capesthorne Hall.


On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June

at Capesthorne Hall from 10am—10.15pm

The ‘Big Church Day Out’ is coming to the North!


"Open The Book" teams from Knutsford and Northwich will be performing at the Bible Society/Open the Book venue.

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Hampers Of Hope

Knutsford Methodist Church supports Hampers of Hope, a Christian charity which has 2 strands:
  • Provision of emergency food support in North East Cheshire
  • Hope Centres, one of which is in Knutsford, to try to address the underlying causes   of shortage of food and offer practical help. 

Rooms for Hire

Did you know that we hire out our hall and community rooms?