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Sunday Night Live

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Never has church been so messy

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Prayer for Healing

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KMC Services in the next few weeks

Sunday 26th June 2016    
Morning preacher: Rev. Rob Cotton
9.15am            MORNING WORSHIP 
10.45am       MORNING WORSHIP &  Young Church (Including Baptism)

Diary for the Week

Monday 20 June
9.45am Daytime House Group

"A long way to God" by Nina Kulish

I was born on 25th October 1937 in Novokuznesk city in Russia.  I have one sister, her name is Lidia.  She is one year older than me.  My brother died aged 37.  He was five years older than me.  I have male cousins and two female cousins.  They live in Russia.  My father Osokin Stephan was born in 1911 in Kazakstan.  My mother Osokina Juliana was born in 1913 in Kazakstan too.

News update - Friday 17th June 2016

  • Church Council AGM Minutes: To keep church members informed about many aspects of church life, copies of the minutes of the last Church AGM meeting have been printed off and are available in the chu


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Upcoming Events

CAMEO - Come And Meet Each Other

Traditional Afternoon Worship

followed by afternoon tea

Sunday, 26 June 2016 - 3:30pm

Never has church been so messy!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 - 3:45pm

Next meeting will be on Monday 18th July at 2 Glebelands Road from 7.30 to 8.30pm..

We will cover topics from the Tearfund website, and any other items brought along on the evening. 

Monday, 18 July 2016 - 7:30pm

Holiday Club for Senior Citizens

lunch and musical entertainment in the garden of Steve and Brenda.  

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 - 12:30pm

We have booked a 57 seater coach for our annual trip to Llanduno on Tuesday 9th August, leaving the Knutsford bus station at 9.30am and returning by 6.00pm. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016 - 9:30am



Firefest 2016 Audio Recordings

Hear the key messages form Firefest 2016 at KMC again.

Click the play button to listen on-line, or download as an MP3 podcast.

Holiday at Home 2016


July and August 2016

at Knutsford Methodist Church


Holiday at Home is our Holiday Club for Senior Citizens

Hampers Of Hope

Knutsford Methodist Church supports Hampers of Hope, a Christian charity which has 2 strands:
  • Provision of emergency food support in North East Cheshire
  • Hope Centres, one of which is in Knutsford, to try to address the underlying causes   of shortage of food and offer practical help. 

Rooms for Hire

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