We are delighted to announce the start of the 2017/2018 programme for the Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship, which will commence on Tuesday 12 September at 2 pm..

The Fellowship welcomes ladies and gentlemen from across Knutsford to our afternoon meetings and our speakers are chosen for their informative, entertaining and often humorous delivery.

Meetings conclude with refreshments and the opportunity to meet one another.


In June, the Knutsford "Open the Book" Team joined forces with the Northwich team to work alongside the national trainers at the Big Church Day Out at Capesthorne Hall .

We spent two days hopefully encouraging and inspiring others to set up new teams or support existing teams in their areas . It was a great thing to be part of, and everyone went home very tired, but elated and cheered by the lovely folks we met.

Thanks again to all those who gave up their day to get involved .


Hampers of Hope

As you know, KMC supports Hampers of Hope and food is collected week by week from donations placed in the red bins at the front and back entrances. Recently, due to lots of referrals, the cupboard was becoming quite bare.




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Hampers Of Hope

Knutsford Methodist Church supports Hampers of Hope, a Christian charity which has 2 strands:
  • Provision of emergency food support in North East Cheshire
  • Hope Centres, one of which is in Knutsford, to try to address the underlying causes   of shortage of food and offer practical help. 

Rooms for Hire

Did you know that we hire out our hall and community rooms?