Children and Families – Feb 2019

January has been a month of setting things up, filling my diary with dates, as well as continuing with the week to week work.
I have been at Bexton Nursery each week telling the children stories from the Bible. My focus has been on ‘Children in the New Testament’, the story of Jesus as a boy in the temple, the boy with the loaves and fishes and the children brought to Jesus. Each story is read to the two age groups at the nursery using different styles. For the older children I use the Lion Story Teller Bible (the same book we use for Open The Book) and for the younger children I use ‘The Play Along Bible’, a bible with stories with actions. I am always made very welcome and it is wonderful to hear of the impact that the stories are having on the children. One little girl has her own Bible and asks for a story from it every night, which is wonderful to hear.
I have also had a meeting at the Academy and before Easter I will be going in to talk to parents about a ‘Care for the family ‘ course to be run in cooperation with the High School in the Summer term, with another in the Autumn term. I will be informing you about the progress of these plans in the next few months.
In the Summer we are planning a Family Fun Day on Saturday 29th June. The Church Council have fully backed this project when we are working in partnership with St John’s. In the coming weeks I will be asking for volunteers to help with this with the intention of building strong relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ, whilst also demonstrating God’s love in the community.
The planning for the Easter Experience is also well under way. I am delighted to say that for the first time we have all the Community Primary Schools coming to the Easter Experience. It has taken four years of hard work to get to this point and my gratitude to the team of volunteers who give up their time cannot be overstated. We are also hosting a visit by the Year One children learning about what goes on in a church, with a particular emphasis on ‘Weddings’ and a visit from the Beavers to also learn about the church. So there is a lot going on in the coming months.
Finally thank you for the very positive comments about the ‘All In’ parts of Sunday Worship. There is a highly talented group of people who plan and deliver interesting ‘talks’ and I commend all of them. All the time, we are seeking to engage with the whole congregation and spread God’s love in a variety of ways. One aspect of this work is puppetry and this is a huge subject. For those who want to learn more we are holding a ‘Puppet Training Event’ on the 5th October. Please keep the date free. The training days are always a load of fun.
Peter Freeman
Children and Families Worker

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