Dear Friends,

I am going to begin my letter this month with a little chat about ANTS.
At the March Cameo Rob and I talked about teamwork and supporting each other both in life and faith. We used Ants as our example.

‘Courage isn’t always a lions roar … it’s also the silence of ants working patiently, persistently and never giving up’ (Unknown Author).

Ants even get a special mention in the Bible, – see Proverbs Chapter 30 Verses 24-25 and Proverbs Chapter 6 Verses 6-8.

Did you know there are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world? An ant can lift up to 50 times it’s own body weight. Some Queen ants can live for many years and have millions of babies. Only the Queen can reproduce and, when she dies, the colony can only survive for a few months. What can we learn from ants – they are big into working together as a team and they are hard workers, they all know what their role is and stay committed to it. They release different chemicals so that if an ant is in danger, other ants come running to help. If an ant finds a good source of food they lay a chemical trail to lead other ants to the source. Ants are very important to the environment, they turn and aerate the soil allowing water and oxygen to reach the plants roots, they act as decomposers and keep the environment clean. I could say more about ants … but remember next time you see a large team of ants going about their important work, watch and enjoy. Ants rarely work in isolation they need each other, they care and support each other, they know their role and commit to it working hard in teams. What a great example to us, as Christians, I suspect you have never been compared to an ant before; there’s a first time for everything.

You will see, below, that Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship has it’s Easter Service on April 9th and then we don’t meet again until 30th April which will be at our home. If you have never been to the Fellowship before do come along, we have some great speakers coming up.

Cameo is on the THIRD Sunday in April, so that we can celebrate Easter Sunday, which also happens to be the second anniversary of Cameo, do come along, I hear there may be trifle.

As Hampers of Hope winds down as a charity at the end of March, we look forward to the launch of the new charity called ‘Hope Central’, For our part, those who have been delivering hampers will continue and of course please carry on bringing your food donations for the Red Bin.


Carol Cotton

Church and Community Pastoral worker

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