Friendship Cafe (April)

“Variety is the spice of life” – do you remember the dog food advert with that catch phrase? Well, variety certainly is the order of the day at the Café. We aim to have something different going on every week, to capture and engage folk’s interest so that they have an enjoyable and meaningful time with us.

During March, we have been thrilled to have a visit from two staff from Tatton Park bringing memory boxes to the Café, one containing old toys. This brought great joy and jogged many memories. We have also had the pleasure of a visit from the ‘Recording Memories’ coordinator from St Luke’s hospice. This is a free service where spoken/sung memories are put onto a CD for families to keep as a wonderful keepsake of a special person’s voice. We continue to be blessed with the voluntary help of Rhona who brings so much fun and laughter to exercise on a regular basis. This month, for the first time, one of our carers has asked to lead a craft activity – how lovely that individuals feel they can do this.

Do keep an eye out on our Café noticeboard in the hall where we will be demonstrating our skills and putting up information. Watch out for the Spring Tree which we will be making with Judith.


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