Mary Jones and her Bible – A seed is sown!

Following Jill Lee’s imaginative and interesting presentation at Tuesday Fellowship on 26 February, it is proposed to organise a visit to the Mary Jones’ World visitor centre by Bala Lake near Bala, North Wales. This would be of interest to anyone who supports the Bible Society and its principles, as Mary Jones’ actions in walking 26 miles to obtain a bible contributed to the formation of The British and Foreign Bible Society by the Reverend Thomas Charles of Bala and others in 1804.

The intention is to use the community minibus, which has a capacity of 15, and will enable us to visit also Mary Jones’ home and memorial in the hamlet of Llanfihangel-y-Pennant near Tal-y-Llyn to the south of Cadair Idris. Whilst the area around Bala is beautiful and pastoral, so Mary’s home valley is beautiful, but rugged and mountainous with narrower roads so a big coach would be impractical.

I already have the names of several of those present at the meeting, last month, who expressed an interest, so please let me know if you would like to join us and haven’t already spoken to me. I am expecting there to be further demand for seats, so propose to plan two visits – one in the spring and one in the autumn – which will give people a choice of dates. Because of prior bookings for the minibus, it is likely that the visits will be on a Saturday or Monday – possibly a Friday and will take all day – say 0800 from Knutsford, returning about 1900 approximately. As an option for anyone not keen on minibus travel or for whom the day would be too long, a car(s) could also be taken and group discounts (if available) obtained for all on arrival!

The Centre reopens for the summer on 1 April, so I intend to go over there soon after that to speak to the Manager, collect some information sheets and check distances/timings and accessibility in Mary’s valley. More details, including dates, when I have them – please ask! Chris

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