Friendship Cafe (May 2019)

by Paula Lambe

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed a very creative time using our many talents to make beautiful things! I am sure many of you have seen the colourful spring tree on the noticeboard in the hall. This denotes the positivity and optimism that is experienced at the Café. Each flower and butterfly was carefully made by either a carer, a volunteer or a friend. We have also created flower arrangements, encouraging the use of nature in our time together. Most weeks there are people knitting, painting or just sharing their own way of being creative.

The Café continues to evolve with new folk joining us on a regular basis. We are about to explore whether providing a light lunch, perhaps monthly, is something people would like to stay on for, as often it feels as though the 2 hours just aren’t long enough.

As well as having a positive and enjoyable time with our friends, the Café has presented an opportunity for carers to support and befriend one another. There was even a Friendship Café table at the last Cameo, so we are so pleased that people realise that KMC is a place where they are welcomed and included. The Friendship Café is an exciting place to be, where wonderful things are happening.


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