Children and Families Report, by Peter Freeman

It seems slightly premature to be planning for 2020 but this is what is happening at the current time. Part of this is due to the event that was held in June on the 29th. If you recall this was when St John’s and KMC came together to hold their first Community Event on the Moor. The reason for trying this new venture is because both church communities have come to realise that traditional clubs and activities are not attracting youngsters in Knutsford as they have in the past.

In the morning of the 29th a large section of the moor was roped off and the various activities were set up. There was Connect 4, Jenga, Target golf, ‘Beat the Keeper’, a bouncy castle, jousting, traditional crafts and face painting. It was a lovely sunny day and having set up, a number of our good people walked around the moor inviting people to ‘the free event provided by the churches as a gift to the community’. People came and it was fantastic seeing the children and adults having such a good time. The busiest place was the face painting when more and more adults came forward to help. Face painting was non-stop for five hours. Every hour Chris Johnson and I did a short sketch to tell the children about God’s love. We reminded the children that they were never lost to God, for God was like the Good Shepherd who cares for every one of his sheep.

Having looked at the event both St John’s and I have come to the conclusion that we have to think differently to engage with families in the town. Following the Community Event’s success we are investigating and hoping that our churches will support us in doing TWO community events next year; the second being in September which will be very opportune when we are welcoming new team members . However, the Church Council will be discussing plans at its meeting in October and I will keep you informed of developments in the coming months.

Through the summer term I continued to read to the nursery children and was privileged to lead assemblies for the KS1 children on a couple of occasions. In September ‘Open the Book’ will start up, again. I will be back reading stories to the nursery children and planning for harvest and the 31st October. As always the autumn is very busy.

Peter Freeman Children and families Worker

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