Open The Book 20th Anniversary

The celebrations for 20 years of ‘Open the Book’ have been going on all over the country. It’s been celebrated in services at Truro Cathedral, Gloucester Cathedral , Wells Cathedral and Brecon Cathedral. Then, on July 18th, it came to Knutsford Methodist Church, with representatives of clergy and Storytellers from all over the North West invited .

Rob led the service alongside Rev. Nigel Atkinson, the Bishop of Birkenhead and members of the National Open the Book Team. Bob Hartman, who wrote the ‘Lion’s Storyteller Bible’, used in all ‘Open the Book’ school assemblies across the country, gave a sample of his brilliant storytelling and spoke movingly of the importance of the work ‘Open the Book’ is doing .

There were almost 150 in the congregation and all Storytellers present were recommissioned . Marjorie Freeman led the singing with her lovely organ playing and it was reported on the Bible Society website as follows:

‘Great singing, wonderful memories made! So good to meet you all! ‘

Many schools had written and illustrated pages to add to the Anniversary Scrapbook about what ‘Open the Book’ means to them. These were presented during the service and received by Julie Jefferies from the National Team .

We continued celebrating after the service with a great number of homemade cupcakes and an anniversary cake . It was a very happy occasion and thanks go out to all who helped and made it happen . The vision is to continue to increase the numbers of schools, both across the nation and internationally in the next 10 years .

May God bless each of us in that work . A special congratulations to all the Knutsford Team past and present who are now 10 years old !!


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