Children and Families Work (October)

There is a moment when you ask ‘Should I put this down? Is there any point in carrying on?’ It is part of the process of constantly reviewing what is effective. In the last few weeks, these thoughts have been rumbling around my head and then God answered in a way I did not expect.

As I sat in the office, working on my computer, a young man walked in and said

“Peter, when are you next doing Messy Church?”

“Oh, October half term”, I heard myself replying.

It was the right response because for this young person, for this family, Messy Church is important – it is their church where their children can learn about the love of Jesus. They have ownership of the event itself. It is their ‘church’.

In the same way planning is well under way for the Harvest Experience. All three community primary schools want to come but the logistics are more complicated this year as it will be SIX classes, which creates more challenges, pleasing challenges but challenges none the less. Hopefully, by the time you read this, we will have had successful visits.

It was fantastic that there was such a great response to the invitations we sent out to attend promotion Sunday. I was particularly delighted to welcome grandparents and other family members on the day. Well done to all those who were promoted and thank you, Church, for being willing to support the children through prayer and in many other ways. Over the coming days the group leaders will be visiting the young people who were unable to attend so that they, too, know that they are being supported by prayer by their ‘Church family’.

Thank you to all who support this important ministry.

Peter Freeman (Children and Families Worker)

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