“Sharing with other Christians”, by Eve James

There is something about singing ‘And can it be’ with 2800+ Christians that stirs the soul…. Why wouldn’t you want the opportunity ?…….. and if it’s in the Lake District, who can resist? Not me !

We have gone to Keswick for over 20 years and still enjoy it. Every time we go, we learn more and more as we delve into bible studies with some very eminent, educated bible teachers, missionaries and many more. The one thing that is evident in them all is their love of the Lord. I cannot recommend enough the joy of sharing with other Christians at these events. So, try and make one this coming year.

It was funny, before the summer when I put a little thing in our magazine. Others promoted Spring Harvest and ECG in the same edition and each did not know the other was doing it, so there might be a message in there for you………………………………..

Keswick is free to attend, and they take up offerings for those who can and want to give. You do have to get accommodation. For families there is a campsite to keep costs down and if there is hardship even that cost can be covered. All the evening celebration talks and bible studies, for the last 10 years, are freely available to all on the internet on Clayton TV. Free accessibility of God’s word is the most important thing… that and what we have learnt over these 20+ years is why for the last 3 years we have volunteered. Christians who come to Keswick Convention are from many denominations and there are many missionaries, so there is a rich tapestry of people and cultures.

We have, for a number of years, gone to a couple of Christian gatherings. Keswick has always been one and the other has switched back and forth between Spring Harvest and ECG. Our first event was Easter People, the forerunner of ECG, in Bournemouth. We still remember those days with fondness, mainly through escapades with the group; only 6 the first year, and our introduction to the then newly set up One-way Puppet Ministry. We were hooked. The first year we went to everything. Up at crack of dawn and in bed before midnight… well usually. These days we are a little more sedate (most of the time). The 2nd year there were 12 of us, including our new Minister and his wife, who I think probably wonder to this day what they had let themselves in for. They seemed to have survived and are taking up new posts this year in the Lake District. I digress. As we look to Christmas (yippee) the New Year and those new resolutions. Let’s make one that might change our lives for ever.

ECG 14th – 19th April 2020 Scarborough

Find own accommodation and buy tickets for the event. Week and day tickets available. Check out the website. A number of people from the church have been.

Spring Harvest – Minehead, Skegness and Harrogate – choice of 2 dates at Minehead, 1 at Skegness and one at Harrogate spread over 4th – 18th April.

Minehead and Skegness – Butlins range of accommodation covers luxury lodges to basic rooms. Price for accommodation and event. Self-catering or all inclusive.
Harrogate — you find own accommodation and purchase event tickets. Day tickets available. Check out website. A house group from church has been.

Keswick Convention, Keswick runs between 11th & 31 July. Different bible teachers each week. No booking, just turn up. Book accommodation separately. There are a number from church who have been. Week 2 and 3 bible teachers have spoken there before, so you can listen online to them to see which you relate to most.

Apart from Harrogate we have been to each more than once so ask us, or we can point you to someone who is going.


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