Children and Families (March)

I guess it is right to say this last month has been challenging in the extreme, with all my personal issues to deal with. I think it is right to say a huge thank you for your cards, letters and sympathy messages. As a son I have lost someone very dear to me, someone who was a huge support in all I was doing and in recent times as Children and Families Worker. She helped fund resources, played for me when I asked, for events such as the weddings we delivered for Bexton school, and in so many other ways. However, Mum was someone who just got on and kept doing, so I must do the same.

I have continued to go into Bexton nursery, weekly. They have been looking at senses, so I have been reading stories where people had their sight and bodies restored, emphasising the importance of saying “thank you”. We have also been in the local schools with ‘Open the Book’, telling the children the stories of Jesus.

Although not directly involved with Jolly Tots, I do put my nose in to see how things are going. It is a fantastic and amazing witness to the town and Jackie Robertson and her team should be congratulated because it is a huge success. Its growth has been splendid to see and, for me, it is pleasing to see so many parents engaging with the church.

By the time you read this we will have held a Messy Church, as we are doing one in the half term holiday. I will report on that in the next magazine.

Thank you again for your support.

Peter Freeman

Children and Families Worker

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