Children and Families  — by Peter Freeman (April)

It has been a busy few weeks, with two events that I wish to report on. The first was in the half term, when we held a Messy Church. The theme was Past, Present and Future and there were a lot of activities around this. The main story was about Simeon and Anna who had been waiting a long time for the Messiah. To emphasise this, children were made up to look older and we also made old faces with pieces of fruit.

To show that they had been waiting for a baby for a long time we had jelly babies frozen in ice and the idea was to break them out. This proved popular but did not take too long as an activity. We also made waffles as it was nearly Lent and, although this was not really part of our story, it did mean that the children had something warm to eat, as the kitchen was at the time out of commission. The children also played with gloop, a mixture of baking powder and water, which is like liquid and a solid at the same time. This emphasised the fact that Jesus was both an ordinary baby and a Saviour, and we lit candles to demonstrate He also was the light of the world.

On this occasion we shared a cold buffet for lunch and everyone enjoyed the fellowship. The Beavers have also visited church. Every two years the Beavers do a faith badge and as part of this I talk to them about features of the church building and what the church stands for. However, this year they were not doing the faith badge so I suggested that we did something with the puppets as part of another badge. As a result, the Beavers arrived and I talked about puppetry; the different types of puppets, hand and glove; the stage, whispering puppets, characters and how to use them. The Beavers enjoyed acting out a song and having the puppets on their arms.

I continue to go weekly into the Nursery at Bexton to tell stories. I try to link the story with the topic they are studying, so recently it has been minibeasts and growing things which gives an opportunity to read parables and animal stories.

As well, we have still been doing Open the Book fortnightly. In order to do children’s work, I require a good support team. I am always looking for more members on my teams, so if you are able to help in any way, please speak to me. Peter Freeman Children and Families Worker PS.

On behalf of all the children and families in the church, I would like to thank the property committee and the Church Council for all their work with regards to the new toilets. To know that we now have toilets that are not unstable and leak, no pipes that leak and are impossible to keep clean, that we have hot water for hand washing and ventilators that will extract odours and bacteria, fills me with great confidence that we are a church who cares for our community.

With Covid-19 now, and future unknown viruses, it is good to know that we are putting in the infrastructure in order to continue to do outreach.


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