“Encouragement” by Chris Templar (April)

Today’s Scripture Union – (Daily Bread – aka Words for Life) – reading is based on 1 Thessalonians 3: 6-13 and entitled ‘Encouraged by you’.

As I read and reread it, the significance of the words – written in another age and in another context – struck me with increasing force in relation to the difficult circumstances in which we all find ourselves currently.

The ‘Prepare’ section refers to the words of the Lord’s Prayer and the implications of the pronouns used – our, us and we – in relation to KMC, our family (church and personal) , and the world wide church.

The ‘Explore’ section relates to the pleasure of hearing from someone with words of love and affirmation, thus strengthening the friendship and upholding the receiver. It also points out that, as well as following Jesus as individuals, we journey as a community (also referring to Romans 12: 9-16) with the need to have others around us.

Earlier this morning, Carol phoned about the ‘buddy’ system being implemented, and later, Josephine phoned us to say she is our buddy. We too have our own buddies to contact.

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