Children and families Work (by Peter Freeman) May 2020

I think everyone would say that these are unusual times and being in lockdown does mean that we have to be creative in order to do our work. With the church closed and schools closed you may be surprised to know that I have remained very busy doing work.

This is partly because I feel I need to remain disciplined; this is not a
long holiday but an opportunity to reflect and address things that I have been putting off or not had time to do. The first is spending time with God.

A few years ago, I remember Shane Rootes talking to me and saying, ‘If I worked at KMC I would be setting time aside, going for a walk in Tatton Park and being still in order to listen to God, so I could hear what he is

I have to admit that I have never done that as I felt I needed to be seen doing and because there is always a lot to do to aid the efficient running of the office. Well this is the time to listen to God, enjoying the fresh air and hearing the birds singing and as a result appreciating His awesomeness.

However, I have also been doing practical work too. I have been in contact with 140 families who over the last few years have been attending events we have put on such as ‘Get in the Picture’ and Messy Church. One or two have responded to my e-mails and texts and in the coming weeks, I will keep sending information through to the families as I locate web sites and things that will help them in these unusual times.

Many of you will have seen the posts I am doing with Reverend Lionel. These are proving quite popular and I do receive interesting comments back, mainly on Facebook from friends and relatives in far flung
countries. I find it interesting because the comments are coming back from some friends who would not claim to be Christian yet are reading the posts. Maybe I have found a new vehicle to reach people, a new way
to evangelise.

The other thing I am doing at this time is immersing myself in the Bible. As you will probably know I am now training to be a Local Preacher and the training is hard and extremely time-consuming. To do the course you
need to set aside about 650 hours and it is a huge undertaking so I am using this ‘slack’ period to read, write articles, essays and prepare things that I hope you will enjoy experiencing in the coming days.

My hope is that, when this crisis ends, I will be able to help lead worship more competently and that, because of this time of preparation, I can do so in a way that honours God.
If there is anything you feel I can help with, please email the office, find me on Facebook or What’sApp.
When we are in challenging times we often turn to our families for help and support. Well, we are part of a very big family at KMC, God’s family and we are here to help each other.

Peter Freeman
Children and Families Worker

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