Monthly Review from Hope Central Foodbank (at 26 April)

The following has been written specially for this edition of “Open Doors” by Ian Robertson, who worships at St Johns Parish Church in Knutsford and who co-ordinates Hope Central’s work in Knutsford…………………..

“As you can imagine, the last four weeks have been a very challenging time for Hope Central, as it has been for the world. We have been fortunate to be located in the Welcome in Longridge who have, sadly, had to close their café facilities temporarily. Working in partnership with them, we have used much of the available space for our Food Bank which has
expanded enormously.

We have only been able to do this with the support of our amazing volunteers, the generosity of the good people of Knutsford and the
support of local retailers and businesses.
The generosity and compassion demonstrated by so many people has been a wonderful thing to see. Thank you all.

The Welcome, driven by Sarah and Sarah, has beenable to reinvent it’s Café as a Meals on Wheels service, supported by fresh food donations and Dave,
their amazing chef. Our volunteers now deliver Food Parcels and hot meals daily.
Statistics can often be confusing but this gives you an idea of how many people we have been able to help.
Over the last four weeks we had 123 Referrals for 90 people. When you include their family members, this equates to 205 people who have received food parcels from us.
When you also add in the fact that some of those families have had more than one food parcel, we have given out 270 parcels of 4 days of food.
It is clear that many people who would never have needed support with food are now finding themselves in exactly that position.
Because of the current pandemic they may have lost their job, been
furloughed, be in isolation and as a result , have less or no money coming in. Finding your way into the benefits system can be a challenging and slow
process and finances will be stretched. We are here to fill the gap and to provide food and support to anyone in difficulty in these challenging times.

The Welcome opens between 0900 and 1500 every week-day for food donations, Food parcels and Meals on Wheels collections. To get help for anyone, please call 01565 634799, or email
We are a Christian based organisation and we thank God for his love and leadership. We pray that we will be seen behaving as Christians in our community.
Please pray for us.
If you would like to support us financially through a one off donation or more regular giving, please visit our website to use our Virgin Giving account, or email for more information.
Thank you

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