Hope Central Foodbank at The Welcome (updated 18th May)

An update from HOPE CENTRAL: The Welcome is no longer operating as a Cafe, but is now re-organised as a spacious Foodbank for Hope Central, which is badly needed as more people find themselves without paid work, or with reduced income.

How do I donate ?
We would encourage people to pick from the list below which details everything we put into a standard food parcel. If people could purchase/donate from this list that would be great.

Baked beans
Deserts, Rice Pudding
Pasta sauce or curry sauce
Stock cubes
Tea (coffee on request)
Tinned Carrots
Tinned ham/chicken/spam/corn beef
Tinned meats/stew/meat balls/curry/hot dogs
Tinned pasta
Tinned peas
Tinned pulses or lentils
Tinned sweetcorn
Tinned tuna/fish
Tinned tomatoes
Tomato puree
UHT milk

The Knutsford Guardian’s mention on 9th April that one can donate at Aldi is mistaken.

An alternative would be to provide money, which Hope Central can then spend on the foodstuffs that they are short of in any particular week, and the easy way to donate money is via the website www.hopecentral.org.uk to use the Virgin Giving account (which also enables you to do Gift Aid), or you can e-mail info@hopecentral.ork.uk if you need more information.

p.s. If the above doesn’t answer your question about how to donate, please ring Chris Sloan.

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