Zac’s House (June) by Rev Neal Stanton

I find myself writing this the weekend of the 75th anniversary of the VE Day celebrations and still giving thanks to God for delivering us through two world wars with the courage of our fellow countrymen and women.
And now in these unusual times we find ourselves in having the unique opportunity to feel a little of what being at war feels like, in a different way of course.
One thing that has become quite apparent is that community really does pull together in times of trials and crisis, which gives us the additional opportunities to share the love of Jesus with our neighbours on VE
Day or clapping for NHS on Thursday evenings. Even though we are living in a social distancing world we find we are communicating more, searching more and sharing more.

Zac’s Kingdom Community have been looking at ways we can help in our local community and beyond. The Foodbank that we are partnering with has been working really well in reaching out to those in desperate need; and delivering parcels to the NHS have been well received, given people a positive way in contributing and feeling valued in giving and receiving.

We have begun a new Bible Study on Thursday evenings using the book ‘Unleashed’ by Gavin & Anne Calver. It has already proved to be an inspirational and thought provoking study, sharing it as a group really does delve deep into Acts and brings new questions to share and discuss.
We, as a community, have had our fair share of illness, loss and struggles this last few weeks but we find ourselves relying on each other more, joining together in prayer and building a strong foundation that will far
outlast any isolation we find ourselves in at the moment.

Our Sunday Worship is growing from strength to strength as more share and contribute on a Sunday afternoon including friends from far and wide, even as far away as Uganda. Their ability to show and share God’s love with us whilst going through such unimaginable poverty and illness is inspirational and just gives us more faith in Our Lord to deliver us through this.
We continue to be challenged, inspired and entertained by Neal and his lovely family with Truth @ 10ish, but with their upcoming birth of ‘Jellybean’ we pray for a covering of God’s protection, love and his peaceful presence building up to this, and security in knowing that God has got them in His hands.
We pray as we move into the next season of coming out of lockdown, that God may protect and guide us all and give us the ability to continue with God’s work.
God Bless.

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