A “Thank You” to Rob

As Rob reminded us a little while ago, it is 10 years since he visited KMC with Sons of Korah, little thinking that 2 years later, in 2012, he would return again as our Minister. As we look back over these past 8 years,
we wonder where the years have gone. They have been special years of being led and cared for by Rob and Carol and we have been taken from ‘good to great’.

Rob is a visionary. We have been asked to do things we didn’t think were possible – but they happened thanks to Rob’s determination and faith in
God in the absolute belief that he was following God’s will. He sees the opportunities and takes them.

Within the first month, the first Makers Market occurred on Harvest Festival Sunday. The Church was asked if our service could be cancelled! As we know, it wasn’t, and Rob has built on that foundation by keeping the
Church open after the morning service and inviting visitors and stall holders into the building and offering them free refreshments and use of the ‘facilities’.

Carol has worked very hard instigating new ventures – Cameo, Hampers of Hope, a new way of doing Tuesday Fellowship…… In all of these, she has in time, been able to hand that over to other volunteers to carry on the work but she did the groundwork in the first place.
Both Rob and Carol have worked very hard behind the scenes reaching out to folk and very often we don’t realise how instrumental they have been in doing things until a long time later.
Rob is well-known around the town and known to be very approachable; someone who will always put others before himself. He works incredibly hard and he never asks anyone to do anything which he isn’t prepared to do himself.
It’s been a privilege to serve with Rob at weddings and funerals but especially the funerals. As he prepares and leads them his compassion is apparent. Each funeral service is different – who can forget the
Travellers’ funerals ? – but he has the same compassion for each. He says ‘I don’t have all the answers but I am prepared to listen’. And that is what he does – he listens with a compassionate heart; he cries with us but
he also laughs with us.
He has a mischievous sense of humour. We’re never quite sure what he is going to ask of us next! – be it a Christmas jumper, Blues Brothers’ hat and dark glasses…..or a Christmas song. At his first Christmas with us, we were asked to think of a song which ‘reflected’ him. The song which was chosen was ‘You have a friend in me’. And that is what Rob is to us – our
Minister and friend.
There is so much more that could be said; so much has been achieved under Rob and Carol’s ministry and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with them both.
We will miss them but our loss is someone else’s gain. As they depart to begin a new ministry in Wakefield we ask God’s continuing blessing on their lives and say ‘well done, thou good and faithful servants’.
God bless you both.
Dorothy Richards, Senior Steward

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