Hope Central Update (June 17th), by Ian Robertson

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this update.
The time seems to have flown by since our last one, which is an
indication of how busy we have been. Thankfully, Hope Central
and The Welcome continue to work together to help relieve
poverty in changing and challenging times.
We are now supporting some people over longer periods of time, as our opportunities to help face to face have declined due to social distancing. The economic impact of Covid 19 has added to these difficulties. This
has also led to an increase in the number of new clients. As a result we continue to provide help in the form of food parcels to around 100 individuals every week.
We supply around 175 week day “meals on wheels”, cooked in The Welcome kitchen and delivered by our small army of volunteers. We have been blessed by an offer from the Legh Arms to cook up to 25 Sunday
lunches every week which again, our volunteers deliver. All these meals are much appreciated.
To avoid the politics, we can simply report that a local company now provides 50 packed lunches to The Welcome every day, for collection by local parents for their children. Our thanks to “weareknutsford” for
arranging this.
Our ability to do any of this is, as always, dependant on the ongoing generosity of individuals and businesses. Knutsford shoppers in Booths, Coop, Sainsbury and Aldi continue to add tins to their shopping baskets for
us and even follow the shopping lists we provide at Booths!
Local retailers also donate “short life” products which are distributed together with the food parcels. It’s great to be able to provide fresh fruit and vegetables.
The responsiveness and generosity of everyone involved is amazing. When we suggest that we need a fridge, the Lions arrange with AO to supply one! We ask for tinned tomatoes and they flood in! In addition, Fareshare
deliver quality food donated by retailers to us every week, almost to order.
We try to plan for the future, but it is difficult as things are changing rapidly.

Sadly we have to assume that the need for what we are doing will be around for some time and will probably get worse as furloughs end and redundancies happen.

Please pray for us. Pray for God’s wisdom to guide all that we do, for continuing generosity in giving, for the safety and the health of our wonderful volunteers and that Hope Central is seen as a Christian-driven
organisation working for the good of the community.
Finally, please thank God for this opportunity to bring help in both a practical and spiritual way to those who need it.
Ian Robertson (St John’s Church, Knutsford)

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