Open the Book ‘ in furlough’

Yes ! Open the Book is ‘in furlough’ too.
We are really missing going into our schools and especially miss the children who light up our weeks, as we take the stories of the Bible to them. But as we await instructions to how and when we return to our
schools from the National Team, we are very much keeping in touch with the schools. We have taken each school a little heart to assure them they are in our thoughts and prayers at this time and to thank them for all they are doing for the children .

We have also sent them Bob Hartman videos of stories from the bible to use with the children .
Please look on ‘Open the Book’ Facebook page for all updates and news:

We want to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to Rob and Carol for all they have done for us, through their prayers and support over the years. Rob has been with us to Manor Park and Egerton schools, witnessing Moses crossing the Red Sea at Manor Park. He also made a very believable sheep in the ‘Shepherd’s Tale.’
Rob was also part of an Open the Book national promotional video that went out to every church in England and Wales and, of course, he hosted the 20 year Anniversary of OTB at KMC last year.

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