KMC Newsletter Friday 24th July

Sunday 26 July 2020 Service — Circuit Farewell to Rob & Carol Cotton

KIDZONE service available from 9.45 am followed by Sunday Morning Worship 10 am on our website

After the 10am Circuit Service of broadcast worship you can join Rob and Carol in the KMC Zoom Coffee Lounge entering the ID 611 638 252 Password 098436 at 10.45am onwards.

Alternatively, you could join Rob and Carol in a conference call at 11.45am onwards by telephoning 0333 0110 946. You will be asked for a Conference room number. This is 54950780#. To join the call you will use the pin number 4495#. The # key must be pressed. You will be asked to say your name and then you will join in the conversation. The conference room number is the same for everyone as is the original dial in number.

Rob and Carol would like to thank everyone for their love and support over the last eight years, it has been a privilege to serve Christ in the Alderley Edge and Knutsford Circuit.

Rob and Carol’s farewell Drive-By, Sunday 26 July

Rob and Carol will be leaving us at the end of July. To mark their final Sunday, they will be driving a ‘Vintage Convertible’ around the streets of Knutsford and we hope that most of us can wave them off.

Below is the schedule of their route. Rob and Carol will stop for a few minutes at each location so we would like to see as many of you as possible to come to one of the 11 meeting points below at the times specified (unless you live in Plumley, where they will visit you afterwards). Ideally, please go to the nearest meeting point to where you live but please allow 10 minutes either side of the proposed time, to make sure you don’t miss them. We have carefully chosen the meeting points to make social distancing as easy to administer as possible. It will also be a chance for so many of us to see each other again in the flesh! We hope for a warm and dry afternoon so we can all say our final farewells.

14:00 Glebelands Road (outside no. 22 – Rob and Carol’s house)

14:10 Ash Court (car park)

14:20 Gloucester Road / Malvern Road (the green at the junction)

14:30 Ashworth Park (the green opposite no. 18 – David and Elizabeth Waters’ house)

14:40 Beggarmans Lane / Highland Way (the green at the junction)

14:50 Legh Road / Lovat Drive (junction with Lovat Drive)

15:00 North Downs / Lichfield Close (the green opposite the junction)

15:10 Mobberley Road / Teal Avenue (the green opposite the junction)

15:20 Drury Lane / Ruskin Court (junction with Ruskin Court)

15:30 Queensway (the green opposite no. 47 – James and Louise Maude’s house)

15:40 Gaskell Avenue / Stanley Road (corner of the Little Heath at the junction)

16:00 Plumley (Rob to arrange venues with residents)

v Word for Today Aug – Oct edition: This has been delivered and unless otherwise requested copies are individually bagged in a box at the rear entrance to KMC.

v Office hours (from home) over summer: Amanda is continuing to work usual hours from home however will be taking annual leave from 25 July– 3 August & 17 – 21 August. Newsletters will not be produced during these dates. During the above dates please (unless it is life or death) try not to phone Church office as all these calls are being re directed to Amanda’s personal mobile.

v The Keswick Convention is virtual this year and will be meeting online Monday to Friday next week. Click on the link below if you’re interested in finding out more. Virtually Keswick

v Thank you: Constance (Betty) Howes would like to thank the church family for all of their prayers, cards, flowers and visits over the past seven months. She is now feeling much stronger and is settling into her new home. May God bless you all.

v Methodist Conference: You can watch livestream again (until 1st August) at:

v Re Opening KMC: In light of the recently updated Methodist Church Coronavirus Guidance, discussions have taken place as to how we might re-open KMC.

The Methodist Church Guidance states;-

“The decision to re-open a church needs serious consideration and a thorough understanding of what is required in terms of planning and health and safety requirements. There is no compulsion to re-open if Managing Trustees do not feel it can be done safely, or it is too soon. As our guidance states:

· It needs to be well planned, both before the opening and kept under review once the building is in use.

· Do not assume that you can immediately do things ‘as you used to do’ and accept that saying ‘no’, ‘not yet’ or ‘not like this’ can be positive decisions.

Any decision to re-open has to be approved by Church Council and proposals will be submitted to Council in the very near future.

It will not be possible to do everything as we did before and a great deal of compromise will be needed if we are to resume some of our activities, your compliance and patience with us as we navigate towards a full re opening is very much appreciated.

A reminder that your Church Council Congregational Representatives are: Henry Waters, Elizabeth Waters, Suzy Keen, Peter Richards, Joanne Wallwork, Vicky Royle, Joanne Taylor, Nigel Langham.

v HOPE CENTRAL: If you would like to donate money to The Welcome/ Hope Central Food Bank, which can then be spent on the foodstuffs that they are short of in any particular week, please do so via the link:

Prayer themes for July
Lord, Your world has faced so many changes because of Covid 19. May a lasting change be that many people will turn to You. Lord may we grasp the opportunity to grow closer to You, as we face changes at KMC, saying farewell to Rob and Carol and preparing to welcome Alan and Carol. Amen.

Prayers for this week
Please pray for all those who are unwell, for those preparing for surgery or receiving treatment and for those going through other significant life events.

We pray for Hannah Webb, Brendan, Liz McGrath, Kate Walker, Kate Wilkinson, Pete Thompson, Sarah McKechnie, Margaret Rimmer, Alison Maynard, Hilda Hewitt, Moria Rimmer, Alison McDowell, Geoffrey Lomas.

We pray for all Ministers who are moving in the next few weeks during such difficult times. We pray especially for Rob & Carol as they prepare to move to Wakefield and for Alan & Carol as they prepare for their move to Knutsford.

We ask for comfort for all who are bereaved and for all who are socially isolated.

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