A year ago, a few of us went along to Bramhall
Methodist Church for a one day event on dementia.
Whilst there, we were delighted by a colourful and
uplifting lectern fall made by some of the members of
that church. The idea was born that, perhaps, we could
create something which would bring together all the
different groups and members of our church, the KMC
family and beyond. Plans were made to make a new
cloth for the communion table to celebrate our oneness
and gratitude for God’s garden. The first date to sew
was organised, only for it to be the day the country
went into lockdown!
A few months passed before the idea was mooted
again. Now it has evolved into, yes, something of
beauty created by our KMC family, but also a
celebration and reminder of God’s goodness during
these rainbow times.
We are grateful to everyone who has contributed so far.
Here is a picture of the cloth to date. We are still to sew
it all together and hope it will be finished before we are
back in the church building. If you are able to help us in
these last stages, that would be wonderful. Please
leave a message at the church.
Paula and Judith.

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