House groups are the places where we can grow in our faith, pray for one another, study the Bible, share fellowship and have a lot of fun together. They are places where we can be discipled, and loved and cared for.

Often they are places of discovery and challenge. You could describe them as the backbone of our church, or as a solid foundation to support each
of us as we live out our faith.
Their work has gone on quietly from one year to another, with little change. As house group coordinator I have sometimes come to write in Open Doors wondering, “What can I write that’s new or different from the last article I wrote?”

This time I don’t have that problem.
These ‘strange times’ of coronavirus seem to have changed everything.
So I thought I’d bring you up to date with what’s been happening in our house groups.
When lockdown came and house group leaders realised that their group could no longer meet, many started to ‘keep in touch’ with group members by phone, text or e-mail – depending what they felt was most appropriate for their group members.
As weeks went by many house group leaders started to think about the possibility of meeting online (the word ‘zoom’ has changed its meaning for many of us). Week by week one group after another has started meeting
online, until now probably just over half of our groups are meeting in this way. Some are meeting online weekly rather than their usual fortnightly, often for a shorter period than usual, to ‘keep in touch’.
Fellowship, prayer, chatting, maybe a ‘thought for the day’ are what seems most appropriate to these groups, while study online seems inappropriate,
unachievable (or at least unachievable at the moment).
Just a few groups are studying online, with others looking at this as a possibility for the future. So our house groups vary more than usual, and several groups are still finding their feet online. Watch this space to find
out how things go over the next few months.
If you’re interested in joining one of our house groups, you can read about the different groups on the KMC web-site. I have the information about house groups and contacts for house group leaders.

You can e-mail me, asking for more information, or if you send me
your phone number, I’ll phone you back and we can talk about which group may suit you best. If you’re not on e-mail please will you phone the church office on 01565 652251 and ask them to pass your phone number on to me.
My e-mail address is
Linda (house group coordinator).

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