KMC Gardeners during Lockdown

“The “KMC Garden Group” in Whatsapp now has over 30 participants (only 10% male — surely there are more men out there who’d like to share with us?).
Since early in Lockdown it has provided a variety of benefits to those who take part.
Firstly, in those first 2 or 3 months, when the sizzling weather and the restrictions on going out meant that gardens and gardening became unusually important, it provided a sense of community even in our enforced privacy.
Secondly, we were able to cheer each other up by bringing colour and interest into each other’s lives with photos and videos of our gardens.
Yes, of course there are TV programmes and videos online showing spectacular gardens and plants, but seeing what our friends could do, in a similar climate and (usually) similar soil was encouraging.

Families with young children seemed to have more time and energy to garden than some of us “oldies” could recall managing “back in the day” with our children, and with great results. Those living alone were also working hard, and had the pictures to prove it.

The Group also became a kind of “brains trust”, helping us all to identify weeds and “unknown” flowers (yes, of course we could look things up in a book or online, but again we all felt involved by making bright — or wacky — suggestions).
When we had a gardening problem/query (who doesn’t?) there was usually someone who had encountered the same issue and could offer a potential solution…………. I suspect one or two even have secret RHS qualifications ! And when the proposed “solution” was hilarious rather than strictly useful, it didn’t matter one jot, because we all needed laughs as much as we wanted pretty gardens.
So thank you to all those who have provided us with daily tips, photos, ideas …..and most of all, friendship, encouragement and humour.”
Chris S

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