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Reverend Lionel was on a roll.
He had been giving a daily update on Whatsapp for over 120 days when he announced he was going to be on holiday in August.
On reading this the editor of Open Doors sent a message reminding him to
remind Peter that the deadline for the September magazine was the 16th August; so strangely this report is being written in July!
However, plans are already quite advanced in our efforts to re-establish things in the Autumn for KMC’s Children and Families work.
I have been in communication with Bexton School and, whilst it is clear that I will not be able to have personal contact with the children, we hope to set up communication through the use of the available media.
It could be that I will read stories through zoom for the nursery children and Open the Book is filmed so that it can be shared across class rooms around the schools.
Schools will not be having assemblies in their first half term and it is not clear what will happen after that so it is great that we have got so far at this stage.
Clearly Autumn events like the ‘Harvest Experience’ will not occur as church will not be open by that stage but I will be planning to do something for the schools as soon as practical. We might be able to do the ‘Church
Experience’ and even the Christmas experience depending on the schools and the Covid position.
Parenting Classes have not occurred this year with one thing or another, but as soon as it’s practical, I will make contact with the parents who we were supporting to arrange a get together.
I will also be contacting the Academy to see whether there is any thing I can do to support them as a ‘Care for the Family’ facilitator. This will be a little more challenging as I will have to work with new personnel at the school but I will keep you informed of progress.
I am working with a small team from the Property Committee, completing Risk Assessments and mapping out the phased ‘Welcome Back’ to community groups that meet in the Church Building. High on the list of groups that we would like to see returning is ‘Jolly Tots’.
On Facebook recently, in a response to a request for recommendations for Knutsford, someone replied ‘The Methodist Church playgroup (Jolly Tots) is
amazing but not sure if they are opening up yet’. So you can see why Jolly Tots is a high priority, and I will be doing all I can to support the team in facilitating their reopening, hopefully in the not too distant future.

As you will be aware through lockdown and whilst the church has been closed for worship, I have been planning and delivering Kidzone. Firstly, thank you to everyone who has contributed and continue to contribute.
If you would like to be part of this please contact the KMC office.

It is likely that Kidzone will be being broadcast on the web site through
September, so your ideas are most welcome. You may have noticed that I am using many songs that are sung by Bethel Kids and if you like any of them, again let me know and I will ask the music group to add them to
their repertoire, if they are not already being used as part of worship. It is interesting to see that the Bethel Kids do sing songs we use at KMC, reinforcing the research that Dawn did a few years ago when she
asked what songs our children and young people want to sing. The answer was “the songs that the music group were doing”.
As soon as all the Risk Assessments for ‘Sunday Morning Kidzone in the Church Building’ are completed and it is deemed possible for the full range of Sunday morning activities to resume, I will let everyone know.
At this particular time, there are no plans to do a Messy Church. There are challenges we need to overcome before we can plan for these, not least the personnel who help me lead the activities, but I do expect to be reviewing this during the autumn as things perhaps settle a bit more, and the future becomes clearer.

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