The Power of the story

Help to bring the stories of the bible to life in every Primary school across the country.
Now there’s a challenge — and to do it in this unique time is an even
greater challenge , but with God we’re up for it !
Yes , for next term – and we hope for one term only — Open The Book is going virtual .
The team is hoping to present the stories, in as interactive a way as possible, to our three schools, starting with the story of Naaman .

We will then offer them stories about ‘Children who play their part’ up
to the Christmas story in December .

We also hope to do some puppet praise for the children to listen to.
Please all pray for
• Our schools, children , staff and parents as
they go back into the school environment – keep them safe
• Our team as they set out on this new challenge – keep them safe
• New ways to support our schools and show them they are in our thoughts and prayers
For the team:
Please take advantage of this time to look at the new online digital training on the Bible Society website or contact me for details.
Jill Lee

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