Thoughts from Rev Scott (Sept 2020)

As I was reflecting on this article, and deciding what to write, the actual name of the KMC magazine came to mind: “Open Doors”.

In a way this title is a bit ironic because the doors of our church have
been closed for 5 months now. However I believe there is a great truth here. Open doors could speak about the incredible work of the amazing volunteers working not only to open the doors of our churches but also
making sure they are safe spaces to commune and worship our Lord.

Open doors speaks about the arrival of Rev Alan and Carol Bradley, the preparation of the Glebelands manse and the new opportunities they
bring to our Circuit. Open doors also speaks about the opportunity of opening the doors of our hearts and homes to them. We have gone through God’s open door as we have prayed for a new minister and God has heard our prayers and given us the gift of another wonderful ministry couple.

Open doors speaks about the opportunity to share God’s love in this time of Covid -19 by being a friend, by calling someone and letting them know that they are not alone, by meeting the practical needs through the food bank and other places.

Open doors also represents the call of every Christian to tell the world that the door is open to the kingdom of heaven and it is the Lord’s desire that each and every one is welcome to come home. Essentially Jesus is the door, and we are the welcome sign.
In around 66 AD, the Romans besieged Jerusalem and this was a huge challenge to the early church. They could have wondered what the Lord was doing, but in truth God used even that to inspire the disciples to
leave Jerusalem and to go into all the world and preach the gospel.
What the devil intended for harm, God used to take the gospel globally.

Perhaps God is doing that again as He causes us to think differently
and will use all the new innovations that have come out of this Covid-19 crisis to reach our nation once again.
In fact, this could be the start of the revival we have been praying for.
So while we are working hard to make sure our buildings open safely again, let us stop and reflect and ask:
What are the things that stopped and we need to start again?
What are the things that stopped and actually do not need to start again?
What are the things that we have started that are producing fruit and need to continue?

On a personal note, we too have had many open doors. We have been invited by the Circuit to continue ministering in this place for another 5 years and we have accepted because we know that the Lord is working in this place and we love the people we are ministering with and our precious Mobberley village.
This will be confirmed at the September Circuit Meeting, but we thank each and every one of you for believing in us. This month also was incredibly hard, as the door to heaven opened to welcome Jen’s father, Arnold, home.
I cannot tell you how important it was to know that his faith was secure in Christ. This faithful man served church for many. many years, and although due to his illness was not able to attend church physically for a number of months, through the grace of the Lord was able to attend church with his
daughter through Zoom over the last few months. This was a great blessing for us and showed us once again how God works, even through technology. Thank you for the many cards, flowers and messages of support to us during this time.
So let me close with this. Our Lord God still sits on the throne, and He is worthy to be worshipped. He will never stop reaching out until the last person is saved and we too must never stop believing, hoping and
being obedient to the call He has placed on our lives.
God Bless

Rev. Scott Manning, Assistant Minister KMC
(and Minister Mobberley and Snelson Methodist Churches).

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