All it took was a Romaine lettuce (by Liz Howden)

It’s easy to be fired up about something for a while and then let it slide, isn’t it?
I well remember that rash of programmes about single-use plastic that had me buying loose veg from Jonty on the market and washing out my under-sink bin instead of lining it with a plastic bag.
But how quickly I then backslid into grabbing pre-packed Easy Peelers and not looking to check my asparagus was from Formby rather than Peru!
Last week, it was a Romaine lettuce, needlessly wrapped in plastic and
sitting in a plastic tray, that woke me up again. It even kept me awake that night, as I tried to work out why the supermarket felt it necessary to double-plastic wrap a lettuce . . .
It is hard to keep the momentum for change going, even in our own houses and lives, and this is especially true at the moment – so much stuff out there claiming our attention – Covid, Brexit, Lockdown, job security, what to do about Christmas, mental health, lack of family contact, inability to plan.
I sometimes feel as if I am wading through porridge as I face each day.

So it’s great to know that an organisation like Tearfund is out there, campaigning in an informed, highly effective way on our behalf.
Their excellent website (have a quick look: )
is full of good news stories about things that are happening because of their advocacy, prayer and commitment to change.
David Attenborough warned Greta Thunberg that she will need to discover new ways of communicating her environmental message to maintain the momentum she has generated.

How true that has proved to be in my own life. But campaigning doesn’t mean we have to join Extinction Rebellion or tie ourselves to the
There are so many small ways we can do our part in taking care of our planet and its future – avoiding unnecessary consumerism, praying, writing to our MP, reducing our waste, turning down the heating, leaving our car on the drive, talking to the supermarket manager about plastic packaging – we’ve heard all these things before, many times.
But, as St Paul said to the Galatians, ‘let us not become weary in doing good’ in order to reap a future harvest. Let me encourage you to join me in a Romaine lettuce moment and get back on the campaign trail while we
still have time!
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Liz Howden

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