Children and Families (by Peter Freeman)

If there has been a positive this year, it probably has been that we have had time for reflection. It has been difficult to plan things, as the world seems very different than it was last year and for some of us life will never be the same.
As I reflect, I am reminded of the story of the First Christmas, the characters and how they reacted to the news of a new King being born.
At home, I have been sorting things and came across a Christmas card with Father Christmas wearing green. Many of you will know that Father Christmas is now depicted on cards and other images in red and this is because of an advertising campaign by Coca Cola. They were able to communicate a fresh image of Father Christmas and their campaign was so successful that his red suit is synonymous with the festivities.

The angels communicated with the shepherds, with Mary, Elizabeth and Joseph. Coca Cola also communicated their ideas to a world-wide public effectively. We have good news to tell the world. Are we taking up the
challenge of communicating the Good News of Christ’s birth?

In terms of Children and Families there is good news to communicate.
The 9:30 ‘All In Service’ has proved to be popular with the young families and some of the more senior members of the congregation too. There
is something for everyone at this current time and the plans are that the service will continue in its current format for some weeks to come. The families have been invited to be filmed lighting the Advent Candles
and these clips will be shown as part of the On-line services.

We are also planning a Christingle service on Sunday 20th December at 4:00pm.
Currently, I am editing the third ‘Open the Book’ Story for the schools. The ‘Open the Book’ presentations are put on line with an access code for each school. The Nursery at Bexton is also accessing the stories so there is a great deal of Outreach still going on despite the fact that personal visits are not possible.
Hopefully in the Spring I will be able to resume my duties.
Peter Freeman
Children and Families Worker

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