Don’t Forget The Environment (by Heather Lawrence)

In these troubling times it is easy to get into bad habits – no I don’t mean the daily chocolate bars; I’m talking about recycling. We all put out our silver bin, hopefully fuller than our black ones, but there is so much more we can do.
Did You Know KMC gets between 10p and £1 for recycled printer cartridges and there is a box at church just waiting for your donations of used cartridges.
Did you Know we collect used stamps for The Leprosy Mission?
Did You Know that Egerton School is a collection point for used toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, that Ryman shops collect used pens and writing instruments (do you just toss yours in the bin?), that Boots Opticians collect used contact lenses and packaging, and that in the Market Hall the
“Plastic Free Weigh” stall collects cheese packaging ?
Did You Know that all over Cheshire and Greater Manchester there are collection points for such diverse items as crisp packets, make up packaging, certain water filters, coffee capsules — and even your Babybel
wax and packaging can be transformed.

If this has fired your enthusiasm to save the planet more information is available at, perhaps a few like-minded folks could come up with ideas on how we can encourage more recycling in this way.
The planet awaits with bated breath …………………………..

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