Eco Church -- An Eco Christmas and New Year

Hi Everyone

I don’t make new year resolutions, as such, but at New Year I do look at the previous year and assess lots of things, such as giving of time and money, what I am doing to look after God’s creation, and are there changes I can make. So why not take a look this year and make some amendments that might save resources, decrease waste, as well as saving money. Make it one of your “New Year’s resolutions.” It might not be much to you but it may change someone else’s world. If you’re not sure about the reality of climate change, doing something won’t do harm, but if climate change is a fact, our individual acts could change the world.


Christmas is a time when we have a great opportunity to reduce our waste. Here’s some ideas. No rocket science here, but maybe a prompt to reflect.


Do I really need all that extra food just in case? If visitors turn up, there’s always somewhere to shop.

Make sure any food not used is frozen before its expiry date, or have ‘open house’ for people you don’t normally see at Christmas.

Turn left overs into soup or my version of bubble & squeak – we call it dustbin pie. Serve all veg in bowls instead of on plates so people don’t add to their plate unless they are eating it. Then it can be mixed together and mashed with cheese on top for a meal next day or frozen.

Gifts and cards

Don’t buy presents that people are never going to use, especially Christian friends. Buy a gift of a goat, feed a family, farming tools etc. The list is endless. Many charities do this now, such as Tearfund, Christian Aid and many secular charities. Just think no present wrapping - Mmmmmm.

If you get gifts you don’t want, don’t bin them (a third of all presents go into the bin), donate them. Better still, let your friends know you would like a gift of supporting a family in need.

Sign the church community card for your friends in church.

Don’t send cards to people you will be able to give Christmas wishes to face-to-face over the Christmas period.

Spend wisely. Buy Christmas cards directly from a charity. Stores donate very little to the charity when you buy them through them.

New Year

Perhaps in the New year we could have an Eco resolutions section in the magazine. Don’t forget to share your Eco ideas.

Websites, such as the following, provide organic fresh produce: - an organic veg box scheme that has extended to provide groceries, meat and dairy too! The company was founded by Guy Watson who has developed a co-op of farmers who all get paid fair prices for their veg. Each week a newsletter is included in the boxes that helps you to understand what is going on in organic farming and that does help you to feel closer to your food’s production! Guy is currently setting up the business to be run by its employees, so it’s good for people too! - a local organic box scheme!

A Rocha – Eco Church

The Church of England and URC are on board, as are many individual churches. Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are being achieved so there is a move towards making the changes – which church will lead the way in Knutsford?

Have a look at the website ( This is not just a paper exercise. This is making a difference.


Happy Eco Christmas and New Year

Eve James