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For those who don’t belong to a house group (by Linda Bowler)

I love house groups.

I’ve belonged to a house group (or to be more precise, a chain of house groups) for over forty years, and it’s been such a privilege. I’ve learned so much about God, about the Bible, about prayer and about what it really means to live life as a Christian. I’ve known times of struggling together to understand, times of trying to understand a different point of view, times when suddenly it all became clear. I remember groups supporting people when life’s been tough – and what it’s like to be supported. I have happy memories of Summer barbecues, of shared meals, and of much laughter together. Then there’s always the unexpected: once I asked a question about a Bible passage and someone said, “That bit’s not in my Bible”.


At KMC we are fortunate to have fifteen house groups. Care, prayer. Bible study and having fun together are features of all our house groups. However, each house group has different emphases and its own distinctive character. Most groups meet in the evening, including a young adults’ group and a group aimed primarily at people who live in Chelford. There is a Monday morning group to suit mums and grans (anyone is welcome), and a group which meets on Thursday afternoons. Most of the time house groups

choose their own study material, which is usually Bible-based. This may include studying books of the Bible or looking at relevant issues in the light of the Bible. Occasionally the house groups are encouraged to share in a particular focus. In October there will be a Focus on Outreach, based around the book of Acts.


If you’re interested in finding out more, there is information about all the groups under the house group tab on the KMC web-site. The same information is contained in the house group album. This will be available in the hall after Sunday morning services every Sunday in September, and and the first two weeks in October. Look out for the red album on the table. Cards at the BACK of the album are there for you to take two or three cards with you so that you have the information, including contact details of the house group leader(s). Please feel free to make a contact and try one or more groups to see which suits you best (no-one minds if you try a group once or twice, then move on to another group – we want you to find a group where you feel at home).


We’d be delighted to have you join us. If you’re interested but not sure, or if you’d like more information, please come and talk to me or send an e-mail.

Linda Bowler