Letter from Rev Alan (Nov 2021)

Dear friends,
Over the last couple of months we have had many visitors and made new friends in church.
It has been great to see new people moving into the area and being made welcome at KMC.
During our harvest experience, we welcomed 180 children from local schools to come and reflect on
the gifts of harvest and say thank you to God in prayer.
It has also been great to see the Friendship Café opening its doors, along with Jolly Tots, Monday Club
and many of our Life groups starting back.

Our House Groups are also back up and running – questions to reflect upon our Sunday services
and especially the Methodist Way of Life can be found on the Academy webpage of our website at www.kmc.org.uk.
Those who were in worship on the 12th September may also remember a special visitor, as a squirrel came into church,
had a good look round, and decided it wasn’t for them! As I look out into my garden the squirrels are busy collecting the acorns,
and carefully finding places to bury them in the lawn, knowing that come the spring they will remember where they all are.
In one sense they are making memories.

When we think about November we naturally think about remembering; we remember the Gunpowder Plot and the importance
of our democracy, and we remember those who have sacrificed their lives in war, that we may know peace.
We also remember our loved ones who have died, each one loved by God.
As a church we are especially mourning the death of our dear friend and organist Barri Dodgson; his musical gifts, sense of humour,
integrity and friendship will be sadly missed.
It is important to remember that we may learn from the past but, like the squirrels, it is important to be making new memories.
I wonder what memories you would like to create, so when you look back you can do so with a smile and a sense of satisfaction at what
you have done and how you have served God in your life? I wonder what new memories we, at KMC, will be creating as we worship God
together, seek to care for one another and share the good news of Jesus with our community?

We have a great number of opportunities for doing new things and gaining new experiences.
In our November “Open Doors” magazine you will read how we are creating a new team of worship stewards to host our services,
and we hope some people may feel they can serve our church in that way.
In Peter’s letter there is the invitation to be part of Kidzone and there is no better way to serve and make memories than sharing in the
discipleship of our children and young people.
I am also hosting a Saturday teatime gathering for anyone younger than myself (under 50!) to come and share in a time of fellowship and
conversation on ‘Future Church’; there will be activities for children, a Godly play story and pizza provided, please keep the date:
22nd January, 4.30pm.
We would also like everyone to keep another date, this time for our KMC Church Family Weekend, 4th – 6th March 2022.
Hopefully we will have the opportunity to make some new memories in the coming months.
With every blessing,