Hope Central in Knutsford – (Update mid-August 2020)

So we think it’s all over? Well, sadly, it isn’t.
Over the past 6 months, Hope Central and The Welcome have been able to support well over 400 individuals, in and around Knutsford, through the
delivery of meals on wheels, food parcels and holiday lunch boxes. These have been very much appreciated for the food that they bring and for the contact with our lovely volunteers. Sometimes, they will be one of a very
small number of people that our customers see or talk to in any week.

We don’t have a crystal ball, so we can’t know what is going to happen over the coming months. We do expect the need for our services to continue, and, if the predicted number of job losses actually happen when
furloughing ends, we believe this need will grow significantly. So we are determined to carry on.
The level of food donations is declining. Happily some of our volunteers are able to return to work so we are in need of new ones. We also need tins and packets of food!
We are getting by at the moment but ask that people review their ability to volunteer and their food giving.
Our relationship with The Welcome continues to be one of the blessings of this pandemic and it grows stronger all the time. It’s wonderful to work with such a committed team.
We are in the process of reorganising the food bank in The Welcome so that we take up less space and allow the café to open up again when the time is right. It is important that we have the ability to meet the people who need us, face to face and as soon as possible……Safely and socially distanced of course.
Both charities are committed to providing support to people in need through helping and encouraging them to find solutions to their problems, so that they do no longer need a food bank.

Hope Central intend to establish a Debt Centre, using the Christians Against
Poverty model. We will fund this and are now looking to recruit a volunteer to run it. So, can we ask you prayerfully to;
• Consider volunteering with us to collect and
deliver food.
• Review your own food giving and encourage
others to help as well.
• Find out more about becoming a Debt Centre
• And to continue to pray for us.

Especially in difficult times, it is wonderful to know that we have a God who is in complete control of everything, and that all that we do is part of His
plan for us. We look forward to being able to talk to people about Him, face to face again soon.
Ian Robertson
Trustee – Hope Central (& member of St John’s Parish Church in Knutsford)

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