Open the Book (end-Oct)

“Film Reviews”.
The official Oscar presentations are postponed, but there are definitely
nominations made for actors, costume directors and the producer -indeed for every member of the team — in the filming of their two videos made so far for the local schools!
Feedback from one of the schools said “The children loved seeing your familiar faces and watching the story with all the costumes and props”.
It’s great to be able to maintain our relationships with the schools and to ensure local children are able to hear and see the Stories of the Bible .

So far we have done the story of Naaman (2 Kings 5) and the Parable of the Two Sons (Matthew 21).
These are part of the theme ‘Children who play their part‘, sharing examples of stories that feature children in the Bible . This of course will culminate, in December, with the birth of the most important Baby
of all .
Please continue to pray for :
• The on-going work of ‘Open the Book’ nationally, during these challenging times
• The work of ‘Open the Book’ in Ghana
• The staff and children in schools in and around Knutsford
• The local ‘Open the Book’ team
We thank everyone for their prayer support; it means so much.
Jill Lee and Knutsford Open the Book Team.

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