Rosie and Brad report on “KMC Youth”

Hi everyone!
Wow, has it been a month already?!
We can’t quite believe where the time has gone since we came to
join you in the middle of September. What we can say already though, is how loved and welcomed we feel to be a part of the KMC and ZHKC family. For all the love and support, we thank every one of you for being so amazing to us!

It was really nice to be a part of the ‘All In’ service last week and to meet a few more of you, we are praying that we can meet more of you very soon.

In other news, and in connection with what we have been doing, we have some updates. Firstly, we are trying to kit out room 6 so that the young people have their own space to use! Some of you may be thinking
“I’m sure we started that” and correct, you did! It just hasn’t been finished, but after a zoom call with the young people last week we were able to pick a
theme for the room as well as some furnishings and are hoping to have it done by next month, so we have some photos to show you.
More importantly, we are setting up two new youth groups! We are so excited to get this up and running so that the young people can feel more included in the church during these very weird times.
The first group is Year 7- Year 10’s on a Tuesday evening, and the other is Year 11 plus on a Thursday evening.
We are just finalising a poster and will try to have that and all the info sent out in the next few weeks. But until the groups can start in person, we are having weekly zoom calls with the youth and young adults so we can connect as regularly as possible.
Thank you all again for the love and support, we hope to see you all very soon!
Rosie and Brad.

p.s. Update added 20 Nov :

We now have two youth groups up and running!

Campfire (year group ages 7-10) Tuesdays at 6:30 currently on Zoom

Ablaze (Year groups 11+) Thursdays at 7:30 currently on Zoom

Both groups do aim to meet in person after restrictions are lifted.

If you would like to receive the link please contact either Brad (07846556661) or Rosie (07709530491).

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