Rev Alan’s 2nd Letter

Dear friends,
‘Remember, remember…’
Do you remember the story of Lot’s wife? Yes, that somewhat bizarre story of the woman who looks back at the destruction of the cities Sodom and Gomorrah and becomes a pillar of salt? It is one of the stranger stories in the Bible, encouraging us not to look back at the past, not to get fascinated by the destructive forces in the world, but rather to be a people who are looking forward, to be a people of hope.
It is true in our basic human psychology that we can so easily become paralysed by past events. A simple example would be all of those people, myself included, who were told at some point they couldn’t sing and therefore stopped singing. It took years until someone with the belief that everyone can sing convinced me otherwise.

There are many hurts and griefs in life that can easily leave us locked in the past, so that parts of our life become like stone. Thankfully, we have a God
who can set us free from our past, who forgives, who releases, who can heal if we are willing to open ourselves to his love.
Remembrance Sunday..
November is a time for remembering, a time for looking back, in particular to remember the events of the 2 World Wars that had such an impact on our world. And we remember, not in order to be locked into the past, locked into hatred, but rather to remember for the future, so that such atrocities that this world has witnessed may never happen again.
Indeed, as the writer Elie Wiesel points out in writing about the holocaust, not to remember is a terrible sin, an act of collusion with the evil that
has happened.

Our remembering this year will be different, remembrance services will
undoubtedly be limited in numbers, but each of us can, in our own way, remember in our own homes and hold on to the hope we have in
Christ. Our Remembrance Service will be online at 10am, and you can access this through the KMC web site and you will find a short act of remembrance elsewhere on this website.

Our other act of remembrance this month takes place on All Saints Day. Usually, we would have an in-church service of worship to remember those who have died in the last few years; with covid-19 we are not able to do this.
However, we are opening the church on Sunday 1st November, between 5pm to 8pm, for anyone who would like to remember and give thanks for the lives of those who have died. There will be an opportunity to light a candle of hope and if you would like, a time to pray with one of our ministers.
This has been a difficult year for many and we are holding those who are walking in grief in our prayers.

Remembering in hope..
Looking back is not always bad, but it runs the danger that overtook Lot’s wife, if it is the only direction we look to. As followers of Jesus we are encouraged to see that God can change and redeem the past, can
bring life to the dead, joy to the sorrowful, and even song to those who cannot sing! As you remember this month, may you also look to Jesus and know the hope his life brings to the world.
With every blessing,
Rev. Alan Bradley

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