KMC Stewards Report (end-March 2021)

The last year has been very difficult for everyone and we thank all our Ministers, Rev Alan Bradley, Rev Scott
Manning and Rev Neal Stanton for their ministry to us during this time. We also thank Rev Rob Cotton for his
leadership and pastoral oversight until his departure at the end of July.

As a stewards team we are enjoying working with Alan, albeit circumstances have altered the working
environment. But we look forward to working with Alan more fully as the Church re-opens and we are able to
meet in person. We realise that we are very blessed at KMC in having Alan as our minister at what has been a
very difficult time for him both personally and in the life of KMC and the Circuit. His ministry to us at KMC is very
much valued and appreciated. We continue to uphold him, Carol, James and Kate in our prayers.

Re-opening of KMC
In September, there was a genuine feeling of excitement as things began to re-open and, at KMC especially, live
services were able to take place with the Stewards resuming their duties.
Unfortunately, things came to a stand-still again in January when the Stewards made the sad recommendation to close the Church once more. However, at the Church Council held on 7th March, the Council agreed that following the recommendation of the Church Stewards and in accordance with Government guidelines, KMC would re-open for worship on Good Friday and Easter Sunday with careful procedures in place to maintain social distancing etc..

From then services will be held each Sunday with mid-week Communions commencing around the middle of April
unless the risk, or government advice, changes. During Holy Week there will be different and exciting
opportunities for us with evening prayer led online by Alan. Scott and Neal as they continue to provide their
daily ‘thoughts’.
Our excellent weekly online KMC services will continue to take place every Sunday until, at least, 30th May
inclusive, including the ‘All in Worship’ which is available from 9am on-line, prior to the On-line Service at 10am,
led by Peter and Dawn Freeman and we thank them for this ministry.

Next Steps

We have taken the opportunity to bring members together, via Zoom, to think through fresh visions for church when we are able to re-open fully. The principal event, led by Alan, addressed corporate worship and had a good attendance from those who were using the technology on this night. Break out groups were used to obtain a variety of perspectives. We are continuing to seek further input from others as we move out of lockdown.

After a year of Covid isolation it is perhaps unsurprising that some of the main aspirations and hopeful outcomes were for involvement and inclusion. Scott, with Vicky Royle and Henry Waters, led another session looking at the involvement of Young People – there was attendance by four of the young people themselves too, which is encouraging, and should help us to make sure their needs are not overlooked. Furthermore, to understand how their nurturing as potential leaders can be woven into the mix.

Young People
Brad and Rosie have re-started weekly Zoom meetings with young people (initially attended by those 16 and
upwards) with a balanced content of well-being, bible understanding, and fun, which has been well received
with up to 12 attendees quickly becoming the norm.
Given our covid isolation, and the abnormal position of those who would normally be away at University, this has
been an important pastoral activity. A weekly series of more in-depth studies has been a spin-off for some of
this group.

The Buddies system for the over 70’s, set up by Carol Cotton, continues to work well. This system has proved
to be an exciting and vital ministry. Oversight of this has been taken over by Gill Foster who now liaises with Alan.
We thank all the Buddies for their commitment to this.

Bible Studies
In addition to the regular Bible Studies, starting on 28th January, Alan has been leading a fortnightly Bible Study
following ‘A Methodist Way of Life’ (via Zoom) and we would encourage as many people as possible to join in
with this. These sessions will also prove to be links with his sermons periodically throughout the year.

Prayer Meetings

The twice-weekly Prayer Meetings, previously held at Church, continue to be held via Zoom as are the Prayer
Pods which have been set up within the Church Family.
Prayer Chain: Just a reminder that if you require prayer for yourself, family or friends, you can contact Gill Foster
(text 07984 387835 or who will pass on your request to the dedicated prayer team. You
can be assured of total confidentiality.

As ‘normal life’ resumes there will be a need to recruit and to review the role of stewards in the life of KMC.
As well as being essential to the smooth running of the Church, Church Stewards exercise an oversight of the
church with the Ministers, in addition to giving them support. Being a Steward involves both practical
activities but also involves skills of spiritual vision and leadership in addition to roles involving organisational
skills. It may be that some feel challenged to take some part in certain aspects of this role. The existing Stewards
are looking for those who have a heart for the future vision for the church and for those who feel challenged to
consider how they personally might fit into this sort of role. If you have any interest in being part of the spiritual
leadership of the church, please speak to Alan or one of the current stewards.
The current Stewarding Team consist of: Dorothy Richards (Senior), Chris Barratt (deputy Senior), Chris
Robertson, Will Waters, Dawn Freeman, Simon Tavenor, Gill Royle.
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Written by Dorothy Richards/Chris Barratt (on behalf of the KMC Stewards)

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