Rev Alan’s Letter (April 2021)

Mark 16.11
‘… when they heard that Jesus was alive and had been seen by Mary, they would not believe it.’

The whole world is changed by 3 words. Spoken first by a few ordinary women who had gone to a grave to
pay their respects only to find it empty. 3 words that were at first met with disbelief and confusion, and
probably a fair bit of ridicule. 3 words that turned a seemingly-insignificant preacher and teacher into the
person who has had the greatest impact on the history of humanity, ever. 3 words that are the underlying
reason why this church exists, 3 words that evoke our worship, 3 words that inspire our acts of service, 3
words that fill us with hope.

They are of course:
‘Jesus is alive!’
The truth that Jesus is alive, changes everything. On the Friday – God’s Son, Jesus, absorbed everything
this world could throw at him, all its cruelty, all its injustice, all its suffering and pain. On the Friday,
Jesus chose to bear all the mess of this world and trusting the way of love and trusting in God he died.

On Saturday there was nothing, only the wonder that God’s Son was dead. In the silence it seemed like
there was no hope, no future, no way forward.

But on the Sunday death was defeated, sin conquered, love triumphed. On the Sunday there was new life – Jesus
is alive. The resurrection of Jesus is a game-changer for the whole world, nothing would be the same again.

We still live in a world full of violence and hatred, pain and suffering and, although there has been progress,
We still live in a world where female voices are not as valued as male voices and their testimony doubted,
but as we hear again this Easter those 3 words, ‘Jesus is alive’ we cannot help but be changed by them.

Violence is smothered in peace, hatred is disarmed by love, pain and suffering are held and gently healed by Christ’s presence and death itself opens up into a gateway for new life.
‘Jesus is alive’, just ponder that truth and allow his aliveness to impact your life again this Easter. For as we believe so we become the cheerleaders for hope, love and new life.
With every blessing,
Rev. Alan Bradley

Mark 16.11 ‘… when they heard that Jesus was alive and had been seen by Mary, they would not believe it.’

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