Rev Alan’s Letter (June 2021)

Dear friends,
As summer approaches, many of us will be able to enjoy the long summer days and it is good to remember that the earth and all that is in it is a gift of God, that all things have intrinsic worth because they are created and sustained
by God.

We know now, if we didn’t know before, that as human beings we are having an immense impact on the environment, indeed so much so that we are now living in what has been called geologically the ‘Anthropocene’.
On every aspect of our planet the fingerprints of humanity can be seen. Tragically one of the impacts is that of global warming and as with most environmental damage it will be the poorest in our world who will suffer the most.
As Christians we have a double responsibility to take care of the planet. Firstly we are called by God to treasure and be good stewards of the creation and secondly we are commanded to love our neighbour. If we take the resources for granted and do harm to the earth this will bring harm on other people, if not today then certainly tomorrow – surely our neighbour includes future generations.

Rather than harming the planet, God looks to his church to practise justice for the poor and to act in ways that look after our environment. Indeed as we work through our commitments to a Methodist Way of Life, we see that it includes ‘caring for creation and all God’s gifts.’
This year 2021, is a pivotal year in the climate crisis. In November the UN will hold its annual climate conference (the Conference Of Parties 26, or COP26) in Glasgow and it feels like the right time for us to be engaging with this issue
both individually and as a church together.
At our recent Church Council we agreed to become an ‘Eco Church’ in order to raise awareness of climate change and make a difference. The ‘Eco Church’ scheme is sponsored by the Methodist Church, Church of England, URC, Christian Aid and Tearfund and will require us to reflect on how we are caring for God’s earth in different areas of our life, both as a church together and individually.
If you would like to be involved in our Eco Church working group, our first get together will be on Wednesday 21st July, 7.30pm at KMC, everyone is welcome. For more information please speak to Dawn Freeman from the Leadership Team.

There are two other dates I would also like to highlight. The first is Sunday 20th June, 6pm when we will be hosting a service of healing and wholeness to recognise the trauma of the last year and pray for our own wellbeing and care for others at this time. We are commanded by Jesus to love our neighbour as we love ourself, and we hope this service will be an opportunity for us all to meet with the God who wants to bring healing and peace to our lives.
The other date for your diaries is Tuesday 15th June, 7.30pm at KMC, this will be an evening for all those who care about our children and young people to come together to pray and seek a new vision for this ministry. We say “children and youth matter”, so please come along and help shape the future work.
With every blessing,
Rev. Alan Bradley

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