Jolly Tots (by Jackie Robertson)

It seems an age since I have been able to write a positive update on Jolly Tots, but at long last there does appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel!
We hope that Jolly Tots will restart on Wednesday, the 8 September 2021, in line with the new school term.
This obviously is dependent on the restriction time line remaining unchanged.

Many of our ‘old’ Jolly Tots will be moving on to Preschool in September, so it has been particularly encouraging to have had messages from some of our mums to say they can’t wait to come along with baby No. 2!
We will be holding a ‘reconnect’ Jolly Tots Coffee Morning on a Wednesday near what would have been our end of term. We feel this is an opportunity for our mums/dads/carers to say cheerio or simply reacquaint themselves with the Jolly Tots’ volunteers ready for September. This has received positive feedback from those mums I know whose kiddies are moving on.

Please pray that this opportunity for outreach will be possible and that Jolly Tots will continue to thrive.
The success of Jolly Tots would not be possible without the current team who generously give up their time and energy. It is only natural that after the events of 2020/21, some wish to use their time to catch up with family or simply have an opportunity to do other things. We are blessed that those currently involved do wish to continue, though not necessarily every week. It would be great to have some more join us so if anyone is interested in doing so, please do have a chat with me.

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