KMC Youth (by Brad Godden-Smith)

Hi all!
Wow what a month this has been, from baby announcements to back in person. It’s great being able to get to know you all better, and Rosie and me want to thank you for the love and support in the announcement of Baby Goddon-Smith due in November.
As you may now know, Rosie got diagnosed with HG (which is extreme morning sickness) and has been off work for a while as her body attempts to recover from severe sickness and dehydration, which did at one point land her in hospital. Please continue to pray for her as she recovers.

Andrew Dinsmore has been helping me out on the older group that we run on a Thursday, which has been great fun! We are hoping to have Tuesday nights up and running soon. If you know of anyone in the age bracket of year 7-10 then please feel free to give me a nudge!
We are hosting a Children’s, Family and Youth vision night on the 15th of June as we pray for the future ministry of KMC in these areas. Anyone who is passionate about these areas is encouraged to come along as we seek God’s heart. Get in contact with either me, or KMC office to know more/book a place.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon,
Brad and Rosie

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