Children and families work (by Peter Freeman)

I do not look forward to cutting lawns. Yet I know that if I do not do them, it is not good for the garden.
I also l know that, when they are done, the garden looks so much better and, at the same time, I feel good about what has been achieved.

It is similar when I think about our response to the Pumpkin Trail around the town.
I do not look forward to being outside the church on a damp October night but know that at the end of the evening, I will feel good about the responses to our approach to this Community event. I now know the script off by heart,…………
…………………………………..“Have you seen our pumpkins? They are really special. They have stars for their eyes that remind you of Christmas,
a cross for the nose to remind you of Easter and all the gunge in the pumpkin is taken out so that we can put a light in to remind you that Jesus said he
was the Light of the World and his light shines out through a smiley face to say, ‘There is nothing to be frightened of tonight’”.

This message was really received well by parents who came up to the church steps. One parent commented that she was delighted by the message because her
young children had been frightened by some of the adults on the bottom street, so they had not had a pleasant experience.

Amazingly, we used 14 tubs of sweets, with each child putting just one sweet in their bag. It is hard to estimate how many children heard
the message of God’s love but my estimate is around 900 based on the number of sweets in a tub!
I would like to thank the team, David and Eve James, Turid Dinsmore and Rev’d Alan for their hard work on the day, and also our young people
who carved the ‘biggest pumpkins in Knutsford’ ; they really “wowed” the visiting families.

Kidzone continues to flourish. We are still welcoming back families and whilst our numbers are still low, it is good to see a few new faces.
We are now meeting in room four upstairs where a television/screen has been installed.
This should allow us to use videos to enhance story-telling to augment the experiences of the children.
May you enjoy this very special time of the year. May you know God’s love, joy, hope and peace at this time.
Peter Freeman
Children and Families Worker