Bexton Lane Wednesday housegroup
Bexton Lane Wednesday Housegroup

Group leaders: Henry and Brenda

Day/time: Wednesdays at 7:30pm to about 9:45pm

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, with a break in the summer, and occasionally a different Wednesday if it is more convenient for group members.  Our meetings are at Brenda and Henry’s home on Bexton Lane.

Many in the group have retired, or are nearing retirement age, but we are pleased to welcome new (younger) members.  All 17 current members were able to have a meal together recently – the ‘excuse’ being that five members will have their 70th birthdays this year.  We generally have at least 12 present at each meeting, but occasionally when the group is smaller the session proves equally interesting and helpful.

A variety of material is used for our studies, generally following one theme or series each term.  We try to alternate Bible based studies between Old and New Testament books, and recently did a series on Isaiah, a series on John’s epistles and one on Galatians.  Study booklets generally form the basis of our material, but these are often summarised into notes so that everyone can have their own copy.  For Galatians, for example, our notes were based on material published by John Stott and Tom Wright.  The hosts have generally led all the meetings, but we are delighted to occasionally share the leadership with others in the group.

Our meetings always start with tea/coffee and biscuits and a time of fellowship (chatting together), but members’ birthdays are celebrated with a cake – so it is often nearly 8 o’clock before the session starts.  Members are invited to read some of the relevant Bible passages, and we often find it helpful to have some questions as a focus for our discussions – but while our discussions are always interesting and relevant we often stray from the question!  We try to end the study session at about 9:30pm and then have a short time of prayer, and if we are in good voice, we end with a hymn.  Members have become such good friends that there is a strong element of pastoral care within the group.  We are pleased to know of the joys and sorrows members are experiencing, and bring our concerns and thanks to God in prayer.

Host: Henry and Brenda

Date and Times: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays; 7:45pm

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