David James speaks on the Resurrected Jesus.
Alan speaks on "How it wasn’t", the reality of the empty tomb, and a call for us to respond to the risen Christ.
Rev. Scott speaks on the events surrounding the triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
Rev. Alan Bradley speaks on the Jesus the role model, for Passion Sunday.
Catharine Hughes speaks on the well known passage, John 3:16, during Lent 2021.
This week, Rev Alan Bradley speaks on the story of Jesus clearing the temple courts.
This week, Rev Scott Manning welcomes us to worship together today, for the second Sunday of Lent in 2021
Rev Alan Bradley welcomes us to worship together today, for the first Sunday of Lent in 2021. This week, Alan speaks on the theme of “Jesus is the good news”.
This week, David speaks on the Transfiguration of Jesus.
 Rev Rod Hill speaks on “We will listen for God in scripture”.
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